Nicole Winchester is a tabletop RPG and LARP designer who played her first D&D adventure at age six. She has written for The Expanse RPG, 7th Sea, The Fate Codex, and more. Going from a Vampire: The Masquerade-inspired improv show in high school to epic immersive adventures in distant locales like Poland and Abu Dhabi has earned Nicole the title of ‘international larper of mystery’… at least amongst friends. The best part is coming home to bring what she’s learned to her work with her collective Fair Escape Studios and to the table.


Nicole can run Modern AGE (including The Expanse), FATE Core (awesome for spy adventures), 7th Sea, Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (SAGA), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vampire 5th Edition, a number of indie games, and LARPs for 4-8 people similar to those in War Birds - no costumes required. Player agency, character story, and maximum fun for everyone are the most important things to Nicole no matter what she’s playing with you!

[Nicole is an industry guest at BreakoutCon, March 15-17, 2019.]



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