Daniel J. Bishop has almost four decades of experience as a Game Master and is the published author of more than 40 adventures. He runs games at Gary Con annually, and was a Featured Gamer at Odyssey Con 17, as well as being a guest on multiple game-related podcasts, including Spellburn , Drink Spin Run, and the Appendix N Book Club podcast.
You can find his gaming blog at Raven Crowking's
Nest .


He currently runs Dungeon Crawl Classics and related games (such as Mutant Crawl Classics and Transylvanian Adventures), and can prep anything from kid-friendly sessions to full-on Lovecraftian horror.
He has experience working with all levels of experience. Daniel's primary philosophy is that it isn't the GM's adventure; it's yours.
Letting the game turn on your decisions is what the game is about.




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