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    Talent Training


    First, training methods

    The basic principles of training, training in Mingzhou training auxiliary, refused to cumbersome and bureaucratic, but with the rapid improvement of dry cargo.

    Two, training characteristics:

    Both technical training and management training are supplemented by humanistic care training

    ——Combining work needs

    ——Combining management with improvement

    ——Combining with the development of employees

    ——Combining with company goals

    Three, training project

    1., the company for different positions of new people, to provide systematic induction training: new employees induction training, engineer level and above personnel induction training plan, department training and so on.

    2., the company for different professional groups, to carry out a wealth of vocational skills training: Reserve clerk training, CNC technician training, team leader skills training.

    3., the company designed professional training courses for different management personnel: annual training, internal lecturers training, senior management training, etc..