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    Work At Mingzhou


    Ming Zhou mission is the heart of service three customers: employees, suppliers, customers, employees are our greatest assets, we pay attention to every employee's rights, adhere to the strategy of internal priority equal opportunity, adhere to the "fairness, justice, equality and negotiation" principle of management. Abide by the relevant laws and regulations, eliminate discrimination and harassment behavior, create a comfortable and harmonious working environment for employees of the company.

    Ming Chau welfare:

    1, the company provides free dormitory with good conditions: equipped with air conditioning, water heater, with independent bathroom.

    2, the company provides free nutrition packages.

    3, sign labor contract, enjoy social insurance.

    4, employees enjoy annual bonus and year-end company canteen dinner, enjoy holiday welfare and labor insurance benefits, married employees get red envelopes after marriage, within the scope of policy birth, release maternity envelopes, enjoy birthday red envelopes.

    5, employees enjoy free health examination every year, and free social security card, residence permit and integral home.

    6, provide a variety of staff activities, irregular collective travel and outdoor development.

    7, provide skills training for each job, provide a good platform for promotion, excellent people can become shareholders of the company.

    8, the company has a staff sports center, so that employees spare life rich and colorful, all-round guarantee of each employee's physical and mental health.